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Flexnet Licensing Error -5,357 when using a dongle

Flexnet Licensing Error -5,357 when using a dongle


Checkout failing with Flexnet Licensing Error- -5,357 when using a dongle on windows 10.

One possible Resolution

1.Copy haspsrm_win64 to System32 or SysWOW64 manually and then try to checkout the license.

2.The user space dongle dynamic libraries, haspsrm_win32.dll and haspsrm_win64.dll for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
respectively, are not installed when the run-time command-line installer for Sentinel hasp (haspdinst.exe) is run.

3.This is because these libraries are specific to Revenera and therefore not included as part of the installer. These
libraries are present in the toolkit <platform_dir> folder and publishers should include them in their own installers

when supporting FLEXID9 hostids on Windows. The relevant DLLs should be copied to the folder:
• On a 64-bit system, publishers using the x64_n6 kit should install haspsrm_win64.dll to %windir%/System32.
• On a 64-bit system, publishers using the i86_n3 kit should install haspsrm_win32.dll to %windir%/SysWOW64.

4.The SafeNet external license manager (hasp_rt.exe) must be placed in the same folder as the FlexNet Publisher dongle-protected applications (including lmhostid, vendor daemon, lmtools, and lmadmin).

5.If hasp_rt.exe does not exist in the same folder, an unexpected SafeNet error dialog, referring to the SafeNet 'hasp_cleanup' API, may appear when the FLEXID9 SafeNet runtime driver was not installed on the machine but the dynamic library (haspsrm_*.dll) was copied to the System32/SysWow64 folder

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