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Flexnet Licensing: Can't get hostid of type 1001

Flexnet Licensing: Can't get hostid of type 1001


What could be the reason for server startup failure with reported error message structure as:

     SERVER line says <customer_VDH_IDENTIFIER>=XXXXXX, hostid is (Can't get hostid of type 1001 [])


It is a common practice for publishers to use HOSTID_FLEXID9 or HOSTID_FLEXID10 as a component for customized Vendor defined hostid build. This observation is majorly reported in such cases.

This error observation is reported when  server library and executables haven't been build with dongle library support, but the stub libraries.

If we will edit the makefile, we can notice this section:

!ifdef DONGLE
DONGLELIB = lmgr_dongle.lib
DONGLELIB = lmgr_dongle_stub.lib

So, to build the executables and libraries with dongle support, the toolkit build command should be

"nmake -f makefile DONGLE=1" (Windows)

"make -f makefile DONGLE=1" (Non Windows)
If VDH and DONGLE both are in picture then the build command would be something like:
"nmake -f makefile VDH=1 DONGLE=1" (Windows)

"make -f makefile VDH=1 DONGLE=1" (Non Windows)
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