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FlexNet Publisher 2014 R2 (11.13.0) Resolved Issues

FlexNet Publisher 2014 R2 (11.13.0) Resolved Issues


This is the list of FlexNet Publisher 2014 R2 (11.13.0) resolved issues, released on November 25, 2014.


This release of the FlexNet Publisher Licensing Toolkit resolves the following issues. (Numbers in parentheses indicate the Revenera issue reference number.)



General Issues
WMIC unable to parse command line options of vendor Daemon
A change made in the communication protocol between lmgrd and the vendor daemon in (to
harden the license server against DoS attacks) resulted in the Windows WMIC utility being prevented
from starting the license server - WMIC was not able to parse the command line passed from the lmgrd
to the vendor daemon. This issue has now been resolved for lmgrd-based license servers (FNP-10150),
but still exists for lmadmin-based license servers (FNP-10071).
lc_checkout returns valid error message
lc_checkout crashed when the VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE environment variable was set in an incorrect
format. From 11.13.0 lc_checkout throws an appropriate error message such as: (FNP-9166)
FlexNet Licensing error:-96,7. System Error: 2 "No such file or directory"
Buffered license stability improvements
lc_checkout or lc_freejob calls could crash when using buffered licenses and there was an extra space at
the end of the license file path. This is now resolved. (FNP-9448)
Missing or duplicate symbol warnings and lmbind deprecation
A number of duplicate symbol warnings related to linking against lmgr.lib or creating incremental link
objects have been removed.
The (deprecated) lmbind component has been factored out into a separate static library, lmbind-client.lib.
By default FlexNet Publisher kit makefiles will now build against the lmbind stub lbrary, lmbind-clientstub.
lib. Linking against the lmbind stub library resolves many duplicate symbol warnings. If a legacy
application requires lmbind, then LMBIND=1 should be specified on the makefile command line, which
will direct the linker to use lmbind-client.lib/a.
Incremental link objects can now be created by combining the contents of the liblmgr, libcrvs, libsb and
either libnoact or libFNPload static libraries. Previously, attempts to produce such an incremental link
object could result in either missing or duplicate symbol warnings.
Should duplicate symbol messages still occur when building aggregate object files from the release kit
library contents (which may occur if linking with the lmbind-client.a library), modules with names
matching the following patterns can be omitted:
*VM.o, gvm_*.o, GenericVMIF.o, VirtInterface.o. On Windows the filename extension will be .obj, not .o
(FNP-9475, FNP-9665)
Checkout delay due to timeout issue with Amazon EC2 detection
Previously, a lmhostid or appactutil command or first call to lc_checkout on Linux or Windows
could result in a delay of the order of minutes before the utility or API returned. FlexNet Publisher
performs virtualization and cloud detection techniques during initialization. Amazon EC2 detection
occurs by querying a meta-data url published by Amazon. In some networks, the IP address of this
published URL may inappropriately be present, and an attempt to read from it would block. Now, FlexNet
Publisher's virtualization component times out appropriately in such cases. (FNP-9590)
Retrieving IP address from lc_hostid
lc_hostid (lm_job, HOSTID_INTERNET, buf) returns IPv6 address and lc_hostid (lm_job,
FNP_HOSTID_INTERNET_V4, buf) returns IPv4 address in
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