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ERROR: flxActCommonLicSpcAddASRs - (50050,71564,0)

ERROR: flxActCommonLicSpcAddASRs - (50050,71564,0)


ERROR: flxActCommonLicSpcAddASRs - (50050,71564,0) is returned on virtual machine when checking ASR license.


Below is copied from FlxActError.h.
#define LM_TS_VIRTUALIZATION_POLICY_MISMATCH 50050 /* The ASR being used for local activation has a virtualization
policy that excludes the current environment */

Please check if the following option is selected properly in FNO to allow ASR license be used on VM.
Specify the Virtualization Keyword associated with this Local Trial ASR. This option determines whether or not FlexNet Operations adds a Virtualization Policy to the ASR and, if so, whether the trial uses default or virtualization-aware binding. Choose from
? Omitted?No Virtualization Policy added to the ASR. (Allow both VM and physical machine)
? Default?Adds a Virtualization Policy to the ASR and specifies default binding for the ASR. (Allow physical machine only )
? Virtual?Adds a Virtualization Policy to the ASR and specifies virtualization-aware binding for the ASR. (Allow VM only )
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