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ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,19886)

ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,19886)


We may notice a discrepancy between Flexnet Publisher versions where the “FLEXnet” trusted storage directory found at C:\Program Data\ is not being created by FNP API’s/calls anymore post-release and getting the error ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,19886) after manually deleted the folder FLEXnet. Is this expected behaviour or how to fix it?.


The following steps should create the FLEXnet folder before FNP however post this it is not. 

  • Install/configure a product enabled by FNP Trusted license models and then Delete the “FLEXnet” directory (If already created) located at C:\Program Data.
  • Depending on the products enabled as either node-locked uncounted, or floating borrowable license models, run any or all of the following calls: flxActCommonLicSpcPopulateAllFromTS, lc_vsend, flxActCommonHandleGetUniqueMachineNumber.
  • “FLEXnet” trusted storage folder should be created at C:\Program Data\
    The lack of the FLEXnet directory causes the application to be inoperable for activation. 


It is an expected FNP behaviour after the fix of FNP-24746 in FNP 11.18.2 (Windows vulnerability issue w.r.t symbolic link).

  • As a part of the solution of FNP-24746 (Windows vulnerability issue w.r.t symbolic link), the Install anchor service takes the responsibility of creating the FLEXnet folder under "C:\ProgramData".

  • Post execution of  Install anchor service, in case the FLEXnet folder gets deleted (which is unexpected), then the FNP application is expected to return 19886 system error which is "ERROR: API function failed (50030,71521,19886)"

  • When the system error 19886 occurs, make sure folder C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet exists otherwise execute the Install anchor service to create the folder C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet.

  • Find more details in "FlexNet Publisher 2021 R3 (11.18.2) C/C++ Function Reference" guide page#310 as below:error 19885.JPG

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