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Does FNP v11.13 support HASP4 type of FLEXID9?

Does FNP v11.13 support HASP4 type of FLEXID9?


Does FNP v11.13 support HASP4 type of FLEXID9?


Does FlexNet Publisher (FNP) v11.13 ( 2014 R2) support the HASP4 type of FLEXID9 (Aladdin) dongle?


We still support the HASP4 type dongle but are no longer selling that version.
Safenet updated the driver to provide backward compatibility to support it -- however, we still recommend that our customers should transition to our new HL FlexNet ID-9 dongle type.

The following notification has been sent to all customers as well.
The HASP4 dongle manufacturer has agreed to rescind the end of life of HASP4 at Flexera Software's request. The manufacturer has committed to providing Flexera Software with at least 12 months advanced notice before they announce end of life of the dongle. Consequently, we are withdrawing the end-of-life announcement of the HASP4 dongle.
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