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DUP_DISPLAY explained for Windows and Linux

DUP_DISPLAY explained for Windows and Linux

DISPLAY keyword means the console/command prompt/Putty session display ID, through which licensing activities are being initiated.

On Windows, irrespective of how many command windows we open, the DISPLAY for all those command windows will remain the same (matching with hostname). (lmutil lmhostid -display)



The display name will remain same throughout the windows machine.

However, in the case of Non-Windows with each new terminal display change i.e../tty1, //tty2...



When set to DUP_GROUP=UHD means the duplicate grouping is (DUP_USER|DUP_HOST|DUP_DISPLAY), so for a user on the same host and display, additional uses of a feature do not consume additional licenses Keeping the above in mind .

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