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Comparing Redundant Server Setup With Three Independent Servers

Comparing Redundant Server Setup With Three Independent Servers

Redundant server(three server) solution is provided for license server high availability . The secondary server will replace primary server in its unavailability.

Following points are to considered while comparing redundant server setup with three independent servers

  • The license file is dedicated to respective license server. In case of redundant server scenario no extra license file will be there for secondary server. The licenses will be shared across the redundant servers.
  • The redundant server works under the back-up mode. It will serve the licenses only if primary is down. In single server scenario there is no sync up or dependency  between two servers and can serve licenses independently.
  • Client might encounter slight latency while initiating the connection with server when the fresh checkout is performed. The connection functionality considers all the 3-servers together and optimizes to choose available one. When having independent servers the functionality will have to re-run the entire  functionality again.
  • Heartbeats are connection oriented and sent on particular socket. Client will not able to send the heartbeats if sockets disconnect. The socket, on which checkout is performed, will disconnect if primary goes down and secondary took the responsibility. Client re-initiates the connection with secondary .
  • The concept of redundant server is to avoid single point failure for the license server and maintain a high availability. We must not forget that these license servers are in sync and always one in control for granting the checkouts. The features will be shared across which  is not the case in the independent server scenario.
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