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Communication encryption between lmgrd, vendor daemon and client

Communication encryption between lmgrd, vendor daemon and client

Communication between lmgrd, vendor daemon and client explained

  • The communication between the license server and the vendor daemon is not encrypted as they run on the same system but the communication between license server and client is in encrypted format.
  • FNLS does not use any protocol as UDP or TCP for communication. For communication in between Flex enabled client and license server, we have our own proprietary protocol generated on top of TCP.
  • FNP has implemented different avenues to make communication secure : -
    =>There is secret key shared on the fly, in between License server and vendor daemon for their important message exchange. These messages are authenticated on both sides with help of secret key.
    =>Client performs the handshake before important communication (like checking out feature license ) with the license server. As a result, further communication on same socket will be encrypted.
    =>For data integrity check, checksum is generated on the basis of secret key which both client and server contains. The authenticity and integrity of message will be checked with checksum on the other side.
    =>FNP also incorporated some other proprietary algorithms for message information authenticity.

Note: Engineering is working on the encryption method for communication between the server and client. The same is part of 2021 roadmap with no finalized release date yet.

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