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Client applications hang at checkouts from Trusted Storage

Client applications hang at checkouts from Trusted Storage


This article discusses how to solve client delay/hang issues when checking out from Trusted Storage.


When client applications check out from Trusted Storage, significant delay and even hang are experienced.
What may be the cause and how to solve the issue?


Significant delay and hang are likely to be caused by orphan anchors when using FlexNet Licensing Service v11.14.1.0/1/2 with pre-v11.14.1 clients.

When upgrading the FlexNet Licensing Service to while retaining the activation library (libFNP.dll) at a version older than, a gradual slowdown of trusted storage operations is observed, due to the gradual accumulation of registry orphan anchors. (For details refer to FNPv11.14.1.3 release notes - "Windows FlexNet Licensing Service performance improvement".)

Perform the following to solve the delay/hang issue:
  • Clean up orphaned anchors with "tsreset" utility from FNPv11.14.1.3
  • Upgrade FlexNet Licensing Service to v11.14.1.3
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