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Clarification of what files can be re-distributed to end users

Clarification of what files can be re-distributed to end users


Clarification of what files can be re-distributed to end users?


As far as sharing the toolkit executable or libraries are concerned, we have a detailed section about it in latest version of FNP product document. To be precise Chapter-8 of fnp_devenv.pdf (Development Environment Guide)*(Distributing the FlexEnabled Application for License File–Based Licensing). Similarly for trusted storage based licensing the details is available in Chapter 6(Distributing the FlexEnabled Application for Trusted Storage–Based Licensing). I am attaching a copy of it for your reference. 

In general, there are four categories of executables that can be considered for redistribution. 

1.) Executables generated from building makefile and makefile.act, minus lmcrypt, preptool and tsreset can be shared 
2.) executables that must be redistributed in order for licensing to work (lmgrd or lmadmin, VD and client application, plus lmstat. For TS applications additionally: FNP_Act_Installer.dll (from which FlexNet Licensing Service is installed), activation applications for server and client TS and the libFNP.dll that is the output of prepping. 
3.) executables that are generated from example source code provided in the kit. Any of these can be redistributed - if the example is sufficient for producers requirements. Producers are of course fully entitled to modify example source code, then rebuild and produce their own versions of example utilities. Executables in this category include installs.exe and activation applications like app/servercomptranutil. 
4.) executables that are typically only redistributed in support scenarios (tsactdiags, tsreset). 
Note: installs.exe is a command-line tool used for installing lmgrd as a Windows service, including setting up a dependency on the FlexNet Licensing Service if TS licensing is involved. Alternatives to installs.exe include 

5.) it is permissible to re-distribute the documentation in its original form, unmodified in any way. The means of distribution can include:

  1. Bundling it into custom software, and distributing it by a physical medium such as DVD
  2. Bundling it into custom software and delivering it by electronic means from a server (as long as access to the server is protected by an account with adequately secure username and password):
  • By some mechanism that pushes the software out to customers
  • By allowing customers to download the software
  • Make the document available on its own, by the same mechanisms as above.

lmtools - a windows GUI app - Can be Shared. 


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