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Borrow functionality implementation details and heartbeat in disconnected environment

Borrow functionality implementation details and heartbeat in disconnected environment


How does borrow functionality impmentation works internally for FNP source code?


For the first checkout from server, there will be 2 cycles of checkout running, which ensures the borrow cache creation and later checking out the license from the same local borrow cache.

At first cycle, the client application (lc_checkout()) searches if any local borrow cache is available on server.

  >> If no then it will proceed with the checkout from server and local borrow cache will be created.

          To authenticate the borrow cache, client will perform another cycle of checkout request, where it will again search for the local borrow cache - which exists this time. This time checkout will be performed from local borrow cache and no communication with server will be performed.

  >> If yes, then no checkout from server will be performed. But, the borrow cache will be accounted for checkout success.

(Linux Only)

(Linux platforms only) By default, the FlexEnabled client always checks for the existence of the borrow-cache file (used by FlexNet Publisher’s BORROW feature). Setting this attribute to 1 forces the client to ignore this check. Best practice is to set this attribute to 1 when the client application is not using the BORROW feature.Define this attribute before a checkout request is made.

Important • Do not set this attribute to 1 if the client application is using the BORROW feature.


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