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Big Sur and Emulator Support for FNP tolkits

Big Sur and Emulator Support for FNP tolkits

>> Big Sur the next major version of macOS is the first version to support Macs with ARM-based processors in addition to Intel.

FlexNet Publisher(FNP) product's response to this, is to deliver a Universal 2 kit for FNP(That has both Native ARM + Intel support) by Mid-2021.

Meanwhile, Big Sur Intel: We carried out a full cycle test of existing kits of FNP x64_mac10 (11.18.0). The testing was smooth on Big Sur Intel. So customers can use existing kits on Big Sur Intel until we deliver universal 2 kits.

Big Sur ARM(Rosetta 2 / Emulated): About using the existing kits(x64_mac10-11.18.0) in emulated/Rosetta 2 mode on Big Sur ARM. We believe FNP interacts with many low-level system APIs which don't go well with emulation.

We did some sanity/smoke tests in emulated/Rosetta mode and the outcome was that the tests passed successfully. We also have feedback from some of our customers, that their software using FNP Licensing ran smoothly in Rosetta 2 mode on Big Sur ARM. We understand that your eventual end customers are going to attempt running your software and hence FNP too in Rosetta 2 mode. This can be a stopgap solution for your temporary needs but we are unable to commit resources to perform full regression tests and support in emulated mode.

Our direction is towards native support for ARM and will be delivered via the Universal 2 kits.

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