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Behavior of License Pool with different server lines

Behavior of License Pool with different server lines

Use case

If there are two license files with different server lines ,same feature name and different expiry dates which are later combined together as shown in the example below will not allow collective checkout as 2 different license pool will get created.


1.Use 2 different license file as below(server lines are different ,feature name is same with different expiry dates)


D:\FNP\FNP_kits\x64_n6-\x64_n6>type counted.lic

SERVER this_host ANY
VENDOR qavend1
#a counted license
INCREMENT Agent qavend1 6.01 permanent 441 ISSUED=23-Sep-2020 \
NOTICE="Sales Order Number:partners" SIGN="SIgn_Value"


D:\FNP\FNP_kits\x64_n6-\x64_n6>type counted2.lic
SERVER BLR-LT-101126 4889e717e260
VENDOR qavend1
#a counted license
INCREMENT Agent qavend1 6.01 30-nov-2022 200 ISSUED=11-Sep-2020 \

2.Bring up the license server using the below command
lmgrd -c D:\FNP\FNP_kits\x64_n6-\x64_n6\counted.lic;D:\FNP\FNP_kits\x64_n6-\x64_n6\counted2.lic -z

3.On performing a collective checkout like below,641 licenses(200+441) are not getting checked out at once as multiple license pools are getting created.



If there are 2 increment lines with different server lines then 2 different license pool will get created(sign value will be different from each other) and hence collective checkout would not be possible.

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I do not agree with that.
The license server should not 'burden' the end user application to figure out how license count has been established in the license server. In the example; at this point the feature has a total count of 641, valid today and at least until 30-nov-2022. 
The info in the use case is just to explain how it is implemented with defaults. I believe though there are parameters to provide 'correct' behaviour, so you should be able to checkout count of 641.

By Functional Design two license pools will get created if the license server lines are different. Could you please elaborate on which parameters are you talking about in this use case.

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