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Address Sanitizer crash in dlopen with RTLD_DEEPBIND flag

Address Sanitizer crash in dlopen with RTLD_DEEPBIND flag


A crash on running Address Sanitizer testing has been eporting when using FNP- or later version of toolkits.

This crash has been reported in FNP library loading “” with the RTLD_DEEPBIND flag.

Background on this Flag:

In order to resolve stability issues related to loading of system libraries such as and on Linux, FlexNet Publisher LSB binaries pass the RTLD_DEEPBIND flag to dlopen() calls. [Enhancement done in FNP- and onwards].

Technical Analysis:

This is a known issue and sort of a limitation.

Link -

From the FAQ's on the asan/libsanitizer Project Page it's clear that the tool doesn't support the RTLD_DEEPBIND flag (which we added some years back on publisher' suggestion):

  • Q: My library crashes with SIGABRT while calling free. What's going wrong?
  • A: Most probably you are dlopening your library with RTLD_DEEPBIND flag. ASan doesn't support RTLD_DEEPBIND, see issue #611 for details.

An enhancement request might be raised on order to support this, but given the trade off, laying off ASAN support will a small price to pay.

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