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Additional Information on ls_no_ipaddress_in_server_cache

Additional Information on ls_no_ipaddress_in_server_cache



If the setting is turned on, does that imply that the host identity will be ignored entirely when returning a borrow? If not, what information is checked?
When this setting is turned on, then ip address of client will not be written into the server borrow cache. All other information of client will be written into server borrow cache except the ip address.

What is still being validated when this option is or is not set? In other words, is there a list of everything that is validated OTHER THAN the IP Address, both when the setting is 0 and when it is 1?
At server cache we write the information like client IP address, client version, client revision, borrow revision, duplicate criteria, feature name, username, client node, client display, client project, client vendor definition, client version, client license count, client code, client linger time, client expiry, client normal count, client borrow flags, client platform, client VM platform, client timezone info, client Ip address override info, feature type mask info, client hostid.
So when this setting is 1, we will not write client ip address but all other information will be written.

Is there a way to identify the parameters that are written into server borrow cache.
No this info is not shared public. The server cache info is mostly encrypted except feature name,user, host, version, client ip address, code, platform.

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