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specifying specific user on a specific system

I need to restrict licensing to all users on a certain set of systems (my on-site users), and one particular user on a different set of systems (off-site). Is there a way to specify a specific user on one specific system? That is, I know I can 

INCLUDEALL INTERNET <on-site_ip_address_range>

but how to I then specify that other user on the other systems. Can I say

INCLUDEALL USER specific_username@off-site_ip_address

and not exclude everybody in the on-site_ip_address_range? Is user@host a valid syntax?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @mvanhorn  ,

You can do it as below

INCLUDEALL INTERNET <on-site_ip_address_range>

INCLUDE featurename USER  <off_site_username>


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