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custom parameter in flexnet publisher server license file


I have an application which is used with a license server. License servers are on customer sites and I create license files for each server. Each license file has a concurrent feature with version and count X. Which means up to X users can use the software at the same time. (So far standard.)

Now, the application needs another parameter which should be implemented in the license file. Something like: Each App can open up to "n" windows. 

So the app needs to get the parameter "n" from license file.

I could add other features lines like "max_count_12" and then query available features and search feature names for a number. But I don´t have a goot feeling about this, especially the ISSUED keyword will not work if the number changes.

Is there a better way doing this, something like adding a number or text to a feature line which will also be secured by the signature of the line and querying this value through the api?

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Assisting Alex on this query through Support case "02136468"

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