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Why is a JRE no longer bundled with FNP installer?


Can you kindly explain why, I think from version 11.15 onwards, the FNP license  server no longer comes bundled with a JRE? Surely it could be bundled with one of the compatible, free versions of the Oracle JRE, couldn't it?


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@ageorge , i believe the discussion at the time was about which openJDK to include and there are chances where Publishers might have opted for the Oracle Java (updated version).

So, for the ease of opting in between available Java flavors, there is no default Java/JDK shared with the installer anymore.

Hope you agree with that decision.

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Thanks for the reply @aparashar1 .

I don't actually agree with the decision - sorry.

A default, in my view, should be provided and then make it easy and simple for publishers to use an alternative JDK if that is their preference. Not providing a default JRE is causing us problems with our clients as not all clients have a version of Java installed on every machine. This is causing problems with IT departments who are reluctant to install Java to run license servers.


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@ageorge , thank you for sharing your view on it and I wish we had the same opinion about it,  on the other hand it's always healthy that we can discuss two different sides of it.

It was an engineering and Product Management decision based on various inputs and factors taken into the consideration. 

If needed, you can always open a new Enhancement case through official Support Portal and we will have this taken forward to concerned team for reconsideration.

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It would say that both of you @aparashar1  & @ageorge  are correct at your place. But, i would incline towards @ageorge , as its always nice to have such inclusions from the ESV rather we do ask our customers to do it (Or add it during internal build). 

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