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What does "SIGNAL 37" mean ?

Yesterday we noticed that the server had ~17k license checkouts and it was ok, but within the next 15 minutes it jumped to ~25k license checkouts and the lmgrd/cdslmd went into hung/down state.

Here is a snippet of the debug log when the license daemons went hung:

9:08:33 (cdslmd) IN: "Liberate_Unified_Cell" [LIBERATE Server] (3 licenses)

9:08:33 (cdslmd) Lost connection to lmgrd, heartbeat timeout expired, exiting.

9:08:33 (cdslmd) Heartbeat timeout is 300 seconds. Elapsed time is 1615 seconds.

9:08:33 (cdslmd) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 37 Exit reason 5

Please let us know what this message mean?



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The error SIGNAL 37 and the error of "Heartbeat timeout is 300 seconds. Elapsed time is 1615 seconds." means that vendor daemon was busy with other works (checkouts in this case i believe) and because of that it wasn't able to respond back to pre-checked out client as well no response to the server heartbeat response on time, which lead to this behavior. 

In recent times, we have done some work with enhancing the server experience and the server performance up-gradation is in progress. That could help.

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