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Flexera beginner

VM - Flex stops issuing license in the middle

Hello, Our client has a VM for license server and the license server is tied to VM_UUID. The user starts the license and everything is working. After some time (irregular intervals, mostly during weekends), the license server stops issuing licenses. The log file indicates that the host id is incorrect. But interestingly, the reported IDs are exactly the same and was working until a few minutes earlier. 

13:48:27 (pam_lmd) SERVER line says VM_UUID=4D8E1342-C36C-AA44-D31D-12ABCCA2CE6E, hostid is VM_UUID=4D8E1342-C36C-AA44-D31D-12ABCCA2CE6E

13:48:27 (pam_lmd) Invalid hostid on SERVER line

 Any ideas on what may be happening? 

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