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Unable to fetch the dongle id due to Sentinel LDK License Manager service is not in running state


Sentinel LDK License Manager service is not running so that dongle id is not fetched with lc_hostid() api.

once we connect the dongle to the machine then service startup type is changing from disable state to automatic but still service is not running, It requires machine restart to run the service which is not expected behaviour. 

so we would like to know what factors can effect the service not to run even though it is automatic start type. !??

Thanks in advance.


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Flexera Alumni

@SrinivasJL , i believe it could be because of the reason that when Licensing Manager service was up, an attempt to uninstall the drivers would have been made. Although its a 3rd party product and we have very limited control/understanding over it. Hence here is what would recommend:


- Stop all the Sentinel services.

- Uninstall the sentinel dongle driver manager.

- Uninstall the dongle driver .

- Perform a restart of system.

- Install the dongle driver once again with suggestions made in my last comments (in other thread).

- Connect the dongle and confirm if it can fetch the dongle ID.

We are not aware of probable reason as in why the services might be behaving in the way as reported.

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Level 2

i think  it is automatic start type


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