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Three Server Redundancy Configuration

hi, Can you please help us with three server redundancy license setup. We identified 3 servers and installed FlexLM 11.15.1 in it. But the servers wouldn't start properly if we import the license file. Attaching the license file for your reference. Can you please let me know if something wrong with the license file.


license file:

# This file created on 2/22/2019 3:36:06 AM by Gordon Wang
# Change server name to 'this_host' if directory
# shared by multiple license machines
SERVER dysaw12-ace1 00155D4B990A 27001
SERVER dysaw12-ace2 00155D4B990B 27001
SERVER dysaw12-ace3 00155D4B990C 27001
INCREMENT FR1 FINLE 2.7 22-apr-2020 4 43B09499A3AE \
DUP_GROUP=UHD NOTICE="DEMO Internal" SIGN="0053 9B43 4215 9DFA \
C546 518F 5ECF 00AD EBC6 2018 2300 8D9A 0097 3EB7 B66D FDC7 \
EA5F 0739 8F52 8ECE D812" SIGN2=6918E6FCB81E
INCREMENT FR2 FINLE 2.7 22-apr-2020 4 10BC2348EB8C \
DUP_GROUP=UHD NOTICE="DEMO Internal" SIGN="00B4 F123 AA90 262F \
1241 F70A ADA8 25E9 4EB3 9788 4402 BF3E CFB6 B75F 592F 71DF \
D03E EE98 7C00 A902 1D8F" SIGN2=3D70121EA3D2

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Hi Vinoth,

Looking at your license file, I can see that you have not put the PRIMARY_IS_MASTER keyword on the first Server line, i.e.:


SERVER host2 27001

SERVER host3 27001

Although this isn't a requirement, if you would like the 'dysaw12-ace1' server to be the primary server that starts first then I would recommend adding this keyword.

What error specifically are you receiving?

I would also recommend checking that the Host ID's in the license file are correct and match up with the server machines.


Daniel Galloway

Flexera Technical Support

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Hello, I've modified license file as below:


SERVER dysaw12-ace1 00155D4B990A 27000 PRIMARY_IS_MASTER

SERVER dysaw12-ace2 00155D4B990B 27000

SERVER dysaw12-ace3 00155D4B990C 27000


INCREMENT ACE_platinum_base FINLE 2.7 22-apr-2020 4 \

DUP_GROUP=UHD NOTICE="DEMO Internal" SIGN="0053 9B43 4215 9DFA \

C546 518F 5ECF 00AD EBC6 2018 2300 8D9A 0097 3EB7 B66D FDC7 \

EA5F 0739 8F52 8ECE D812"


C:\kla-tencor\ace_license\bin>lmstat lmstat - Copyright (c) 1989-2018 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.

Flexible License Manager status on Wed 4/17/2019 18:13 [Detecting lmgrd processes...]

License server status:


dysaw12-ace1: license server UP (MASTER) v11.15.1

dysaw12-ace2: license server UP (MASTER) v11.15.1

dysaw12-ace3: license server UP (MASTER) v11.15.1

Vendor daemon status (on dysaw12-ace3):


A few issues here need your help with:

(1) In above screen output, I can see all 3 servers showing " (MASTER) ".

Also in "lmadmin.log", I can see:

"LicenseEngine started without redundancy" 2019-04-17 11:51:20,717 root Version: build 225330 (2018.03.08-10.56.10) 2019-04-17 11:51:20,717 root.

LicenseEngine started without redundancy. 2019-04-17 16:29:08,300 root.LicenseEngine stopped. 2019-04-17 18:07:49,055 root Version: build 225330 (2018.03.08-10.56.10) 2019-04-17 18:07:49,055 root.

LicenseEngine started without redundancy. "PRIMARY_IS_MASTER" in the license file cannot assign primary node and make redundancy to work.

(2) Vendor daemon did not start. Please give us some ideas where to check for above issue.


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Hi Brian,

Could you confirm if you started lmadmin on all the 3 systems and imported the license file on all 3 instances?

Also, could you confirm if you are setting the license path on all three systems? Use commas to separate the path. For ex: 2837@pat,2837@lee,2837@terry

Could you also try using IP address in the license files and rerun the test?

If nothing works, then share the VD log please.



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Hello, Abhay,

Thanks for your help. I have made it to work.


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