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Problems building serveractutil.exe

I have successfully built the 11.9 (and 11.10) FNP sdks including the standard activation utilities. All of the standard activation tools built into the SDK directory work fine.

However, when I moved the sources to a different directory and rewrote the makefile to simplify it (as a start to building my own activation utility), I have hit a weird problem.

The 32-bit versions of both appactutil and serveractutil work fine.
The 64-bit version of appactutil works fine.
The 64-bit version of serveractutil fails with bogus error messages.

To be more precise, when you try to activate a server entitlement, you get an error from flxActSvrActivationSend(). I've seen the same thing in my own code, which is why I'm backtracking to building the standard tool (ie, eliminating my own code).

Status: 4, Creating request
Status: 5, Request created
ERROR: flxActSvrActivationSend - (0,0,0)

Although it fails, a major and minor error code of zero don't help diagnose the problem at all.

The commands I'm using to build are:

$(ARC_ROOT)\bin64\svract.exe::	$(SOURCES)
$(MSDEV90)\bin\amd64\cl /nologo \
-DPC \
/c \
/I$(FNP64)/../machind \
/I$(FNP64)/.. \
/MT \
/O1 \
/I$(FNP64)/../machind/activation/include \
/I$(FNP64)/../machind/activation/include/windows \
/I$(MSDEV90)/include \
$(MSDEV90)\bin\amd64\link /nologo \
/DynamicBase \
/OUT:$(ARC_ROOT)\bin64\svract.exe \
/LIBPATH:$(FNP64)\activation\lib \
/LIBPATH:$(MSDEV90)\lib\amd64 \
/LIBPATH:$(MSDEV90)\platformsdk\lib\x64 \
serverActUtil.obj \
lm_new.obj \
lmgr.lib \
libsb.lib \
libcrvs.lib \
libact.lib \
libFNPload.lib \
oldnames.lib \
kernel32.lib \
user32.lib \
netapi32.lib \
advapi32.lib \
gdi32.lib \
comdlg32.lib \
comctl32.lib \
wsock32.lib \
Rpcrt4.lib \
oleaut32.lib \
Ole32.lib \
Wbemuuid.lib \
wintrust.lib \
crypt32.lib \
libcmt.lib \

which I believe is an exact transliteration of whats in the standard makefiles. FNP64 points to the ...\x64_n6\x64_n6. MSDEV90 point to the top of our VC9.0 SDK. ARC_ROOT is where we build our deliverables.

I also run this through preptool appropriately as far as I can tell - I can include details there if appropriate.

I am at my wits end here, I cannot see where the above differs in any way from the production sources, and yet there's works and mine doesn't.

For what its worth, I've experienced the same problem with the 11.9IP4, the 11.10IP4 and the 11.10IP6 sdks.

Does anyone have any clue what's going on here? Why would only the 64-bit server tool fail, when the 32-bit server tool works fine? I'm on 64-bit Windows 7, if that makes a difference...

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Level 4

And, as always, all it takes is saying things out loud in public to trigger finding the problem.

For those who care, the issue was that I had a 32-bit version of FnpCommsSoap.dll in the PATH - the 64-bit tool was finding it and failing whereas the 32-bit tool was fine.

The appactutil tools weren't being tested with '-comms soap', just '-comms flexlm'

In the SDK, that file is in the same directory as the executables.

Ah well, at least I can serve as a bad example to others.

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