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Port confirmation with FlexNet lmutil lmstat without a LIC file.

We'd like to utilize FlexNet's LMutil query a ports to confirm is live and keep alive with out having to constantly transffering an existing LIC.  Is there any kind of "dummy LIC" to prompt a response from the  FlexLM on the server using the LMutil from a workstation?


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@RustyKnife , Would you mind elaborating your usecase in a bit more detail please?

As far as a dummy license is concerned, it can be created by publisher with any 'dummy' feature in the lic file which never expires (PERMANENT). It may not be the solution that you are looking for, hence the request to help us understand your business usecase in bit more detail.

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We are a secure facility and every time we request a port pair for FlexNet it frequently gets closed on us due to inactivity, would like to utilize FlexNET's LMutil to 1) keep the port open with activity (scripting), 2) Confirm a port pair is open and FlexNET is responding before all the work setting up the next app. (take 2-3 weeks to get them reopened) NOTE: the security is so tight that ports are monitored to the various apps/exe files so this forces us to try to use FlexNet itself for keep alives.
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