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Offline License activation in Local License server

I am seeking to activate license on local license server without direct communication with Backoffice server. I have tried caprequestutil the capability request utility to generate manually a capability request and capresponseutil the capability response utility to manually genereate a capabilty response. I have provided manually generated capabilty response file to Flexnet License server Manager in GUI mode but it reports me as invalid binary file. Can you suggest me how can I activate offline license in license server ? Your any input will be highly respected.
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Level 2


According to Flexera, once you have created your capability Response, you can use the administrative Tools to activate your license offline as described in the License Server Administrator guide (page 62-63):
flexnetlsadmin -server licenseServer_baseURL -activate -load response.bin

For testigng purposes, I run the local license Server on my machine. Unfortunaltely above command fails in an error thrown by the server. I will update my comment if I have managed to activate my license.
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