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Not master server, checkout attempt of ... refused

In the FlexNet log file I get the following message:

14:13:16 (lmforan) Not master server, checkout attempt of 'GP1' from xxx@smart refused
14:13:16 (lmforan) DENIED: "FSURF" xxx@smart (License server system does not support this feature. (-18,328))

What does the message "Not master server" mean (cannot find anything in the manuals), could it be another service of the same type running?

Thank you

Best regards
Reidar M. Tronstad


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Flexera Alumni

Hi Reidar,

When primary server is not up,  secondary will become master server. And again when primary server is back, secondary will be the master and in primary server log it will show as "Not master server".

To solve this problem you can use "PRIMARY_IS_MASTER" in license file. E.g:

SERVER abc ANY 27005
SERVER cde ANY 27005

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Thank you for the quick response.
Some additional information:

  • The client uses Windows 7 Russian
  • The license server works correctly when launching with lmtools
  • It is a very simple installation not using mater/slave in the configuration

The same problem also occurs at another client which also uses Windows 7 Russian, is there any known issues when using Windows in Russian?

Than you.

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Can you check the license search path set on those systems? An output of "lmutil.exe lmpath -status" .

If there are multiple paths set then insure they are separated by ","? 

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