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No socket connection to license server manager when upgrading client dll to v11.17.1.0

When upgrading the client dll from:

  • v11.16.2.0 build 242433 (ipv6) i86_n3 (lmgr.lib)


  • v11.17.1.0 build 268393 (ipv6) i86_n3 (lmgr.lib)

Some of our customers get the error "No socket connection to license server manager" when connecting to a working license server.

When switching the dll back to the old version, the license server can be connected to immediately (no restart, no port changes, etc.)

The license server is using lmadmin-x64_n6-11_17_1_0.exe, with our dhsdelft daemon version v11.17.0.0 build 264148 (ipv6) x64_n6 (lmgr.lib). This setup works when we use the old dll, but gets us the error from the subject when we also update the dll on the client computer.

The license file they use to connect to the server looks like this:

SERVER servername 0000000000 TCP:27010

We are unable to reproduce the issue on our side when using the same operating systems for client and server. When we test, the old and new dll work fine:

  • Client: Windows 10 20H2
  • Server: Windows Server 2016

We double checked the port status on the client despite the old version working without issue, and the ports are open for access by the client (lmadmin port and vendor daemon port).

The license server shows no entries in the vendor daemon log when the client receives this error.

What could cause this error?

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Re: No socket connection to license server manager when upgrading client dll to v11.17.1.0

"No socket connection to license server manager" error generally occurs when the version of license server and client application is not compatible. For example, in the combination of v11.11.1 client application + v11.11 license server, "-7, 10015, No socket connection to license server manager" error occurs. The issue can be resolved by upgrading license server to v11.11.1. However, in your description of the case I noticed the license server you're using (v11.17.1.0) is greater than the vendor daemon (dhsdelft v11.17.0.0) so this will work fine. You did also mention that the client dll was built with v11.17.1.0 which is higher than your vendor daemon.

Now, according to our version compatibility about the licensing components the following must be true...
The rules about FlexNet Licensing component version compatibility are summarized as:

1. Version of lmutil/lmtools must be >=
2. Version of lmadmin(or lmgrd), which must be >=
3. Version of vendor daemon, which must be >=
4. Version of the client library linked to the FlexEnabled application, which must be >=
5. Activation utility, which must be >=
6. Version of license file format

The issue could be that your vendor daemon may need to be upgraded to v11.17.1.0 to be equal to the license server and the client.

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