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Need help choosing and buying a product

Hello everyone!

I am a representative a company, which develops a software applications. We plan to distribute our product to a large number of customers, and we need protection to ensure the legal distribution of our digital product. We would like to get your support in the following areas:

- Licensing, to protect our applications against hacking and piracy, secure activation of software with tamper resistant; license via email / software / cloud;

- Usage-based and another models of monetization;

- Delivery and Updates with audit of customer activity showing who downloaded what, and when;
- Billing functions, to see a payments and use our credit cards.


Now our software libraries and applications are developed for Linux and macOS. This is the shared library (SDK) and CLI application. In the future, we plan to release a version for Windows as well.

This is our first contact with Revenera and we are not sure which product to start with.
We wrote a letter in the form of "CONTACT US" but no feedback has yet been received from the Revenera.

I turn to the community with the question of how to get a general consultation on products. I also need advice on which product to start with and how to purchase this product.

Thanks for any help!

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @victoru71 

Sorry to hear you've had trouble getting an evaluation copy. Can you provide your contact info and we'll make sure someone gets in touch with you promptly?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi  @victoru71  ,

Has someone got in touch with you yet ?


Yes, now we are in the process.

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Hi @victoru71 

Glad to hear that !!

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