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Flexera beginner

Looking for software licensing

Hello Community,
I am really new to this community and whole software licensing solutions so please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
I am developing a software package based on node js micro services and I would like to license this software, while searching on the
internet I came across FlexNet Publisher, but there is very less information available about the integration and how to use?
So my question is is it possible to license my software with FlexNet Publisher and if yes is there any guide available?

Looking for positive reply!!

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Revenera Moderator

Re: Looking for software licensing

Hello @gosucako 

FlexNet Publisher language support is C/C++ or Java for certificate licensing and requiring the FNP local license server.

FlexNet Embedded language support is C/C++, Java or C#. There is also RESTful API support via a Cloud or Local License Server, which is intended mostly for online or connected applications (since the license is intended to be in-memory, not persisted to disk).

What is your development enviornment (IDE) and can you integrate any of the FlexNet Licensing componentry noted above within your stack?

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