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License file migration to New server

We are planning to migrate the License Server Manager from Old OS to new VM. 

On new server I have installed the "lmadmin" (web UI) now I need to move the *.lic files to new vm.

1) How do register my new License Server Manager VM ?  I am able to see the old vm in the below link So how do I activate my new vm ? 

2) Can we directly copy the *.lic files to the new VM and change the hostname and server port ?

3) Do we need to request new .lic files again ?

4) How do we restrict  using the License server manager to few vm's ?

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Hi @deepakd  ,

The steps would be as follows:

1. Take your existing license file , make the changes in the server line .

2. Crypt the license file using lmcrypt .

3. Copy the license file into the new VM .

4. The license server will run only on the hostname which is specified in the license file server line.


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When you say "license file" is it Flexnet publisher license file or the InstallAnywhere <versions> license file ?

Can you direct me to right documentation link where I can migrate  FlexNet Publisher from One server to other along with  InstallAnywhere/InstallShield licenses .

Its a  linux server 

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@deepakd  ,

By license file I am referring to the FlexNet Publisher license file .

You would have to install the lmadmin again on the new VM freshly by copying the files from one VM to another . Make the changes in the license file as suggested in the above comment . Please refer to "License Server Manager “lmadmin”" from license admin FNP documentation for the installation procedure .



Hello, apologies for reviving an old thread but I am facing the same challenge as mentioned in the original post. How can I go about acquiring lmcrypt? I have not managed to find it on our current license server or through the product list (

Am I supposed to download it somewhere?


The utility is present in the kit you might have downloaded from the Product and Licensing Center. 


Thanks for the reply, I am still having trouble finding it though, can you give me more precise details of where to find it if you're still able to download it?

I have attached a screenshot of all the products I have available for the latest version (29.0). Going through each one of them there are no files that seem to match either a kit (I would assume a .zip) or lmcrypt.exe directly.

I have also attached a screenshot of the downloads for the product I am interested in, InstallShield 2023 Standalone Build Concurrent (License Server).

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lmcrypt appears in the platform directory of the FlexNet Publisher toolkit
after you build it.

For example, if you build the toolkit for version under 64-bit
Linux, you might find it as FNP_11.18.2.0/x64_lsb/lmcrypt. For Windows, it
might be "FNP_11.18.2.0\x64_n6\lmcrypt.exe"

Make sure that you have built the toolkit successfully, because lmcrypt
won't show up until you do.

Hi @vfortin As per the screenshot I understand that you are using the InstallShield license so if you want to move to a new license server then please reach out to your publisher to get the new updated license file for the new server (HostID).

Best Regards,