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How to reset FlexLM debug log which is in append mode


I'm running some licenses services for which debug logs need to be "restarted" because they become to big.
Restart of the license service will do not help here as debug log is appended and this is a must.
Using lmutil lmnewlog will not help here as well :

 9:26:28 (vendor) LMNEWLOG: Moving existing REPORTLOG to vendor.log.202010190926
 9:26:28 (vendor) LMNEWLOG: Starting new REPORTLOG +E:\Flex\vendor\vendor.log

What I would like to achieve is back up current log like lmnewlog does and start a fresh empty log with the same name afterwards which lmnewlog doesn't do because of append is enabled.

In same time license service shouldn't be restarted nor reconfigured. I need just only start empty log with same name as in configuration.


Please advice!


An idea from my side:
The best would be to rotate debug log file by either size or specific time which can be defined within option file. Something like  'ROTATELOG SIZE 10MB' for size of 10MB or ROTATELOG TIME 2d to rotate it every two days or so.
I hope this functionality once will be developed 🙂





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@KrzysztofDuszki , i am afraid that the option to rotate the log file is yet not available. But you may want to use the 'lmswitch' utility.

Based on your inputs, i would like to clarify that debug log and report log are 2 completely different entity. If you rotate report logs with lmnewlog instead of lmswitchr, you do not have to change the file name in the REPORTLOG line of the vendor daemon’s option file.

lmswitch is for the debug log file.

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