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Host multiple licenses for different vendors using lmgrd service

Our application provides the 'lmadmin' tool as a license checking solution.

Our client has a virtual station with installed SolidWorks License Server. It uses the 'lmgrd' tool configured as a service to provide SolidWorks license for other stations.

Is it possible to configure the existing 'lmgrd' tool/service to support both SolidWorks and our licenses (with both vendor daemons)?
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Flexera Alumni

@asmirnov , yes it is possible where we can have the single lmgrd serving licenses for multiple vendor daemons. 

We basically need to keep the contents of both the license files in a single one, such as:


SERVER this_host ANY 27000

VENDOR demo1 PORT=27001

VENDOR demo2 PORT=27002


INCREMENT f1 demo1 1.0 permanent 4 SIGN=XXX

INCREMENT f2 demo2 2.0 permanent 4 SIGN=YYY


So, what i have done here is that crypted both the license files using respective lmcrypt:

- used lmcrypt generated for demo1 daemon and crypted its license file.

- Used lmcrypt generated for demo2 daemon and crypted its license file individually.

>> Now, i keep the single SERVER line in the consolidated license file and copy the INCREMENT lines from both the license files (along with mentioning the VENDOR lines individually).

>> If we start the license server using the consolidated license file, server will start at PORT=27000, demo1 will start at PORT 27001 and demo2 will start at PORT 27002.

>> To checkout the license for "demo1", use the lmflex(/client application) built with demo1 license keys and same goes for "demo2" client application and its associated features.

Let me know, if that helps or if you have any further queries around this setup.

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