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Grub error message

I'm a software developer using a triple-boot system (Linux, Win 7, Win 8). Not so long ago I ran into an error message by Linux's GRUB (v2) bootloader: "warning: Sector 32 is already in use by the program 'FlexNet'". I followed the instructions on that website and overcome the problem:
I still have questions though:
1. Are you aware of such issue?
According to the Wikipedia, Publisher can cause it, see "Issue with Bootloaders":
2. What programs use FlexNet licensing scheme? Some forums suggest that any program which uses FlexNet licensing scheme (whatever that means, I guess software protection?) can cause that. I want to identify the root cause.

I wonder the opinion of some developers.
Maybe it's a virus or something? Does Windows has any program by default which can cause that? What are the most popular software, especially used by developers which can cause that. I use VS2010, VS2012, C, C++, .NET, Java, LAMP stack, you name it.

3. This one is not a question. If any FlexNet software really just writes into the boot sector like that, than please stop doing that and replace the functionality in the codebase with such technique which doesn't interfere with bootladers.

Csaba Toth
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Same issue here. I have Win7, Win8 and Ubuntu Linux. After I installed Win8, the Win8 bootloader replaced GRUB (which only lets me boot to Win7 or Win8, not to Linux). So now I went to reinstall GRUB, and got that same message.

Apparently installing GRUB despite that message leads to a broken GRUB, meaning no booting.

So, how do I fix it? I don't want to have to wipe specific hard drive sectors, I just want Flexnet to stay out of the places it shouldn't be. And it shouldn't be outside the Windows partition it is installed on.

How do I uninstall it properly? I want it gone.
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