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Flexlm ver. 11.16.2

very good day

I'm looking to download lmgrd, lmutil and lmtools for version 11.16.2

please help, I couldn't upgrade our client with our latest release software.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Flexlm ver. 11.16.2

@tzaza_3113 , i believe your Account name registered with Flexera is with "Diyar United Trading & Contracting Company".

To download any toolkit utilities, you would need to login through "product and Licensing Center" 


I can see that under your account there are no active Entitlements for "Flexnet Publisher", hence you will not see any option to download any toolkit/utilities for FNP toolkit. If you are using a 3rd party software, which is built using FNP, then i would advise you to get in touch with particular vendor and they should be able to assist with your query.

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