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Flexera FlexNet Publisher < 11.16.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities

How to mitigate the following vulnerability reported by our nessus tenable scanner. 

Full description you can find on

The host that is apparently affected by this vulnerability is a CCURE server. 

The version of Flexera FlexNet Publisher running on the remote host is prior to 11.16.2

Installed version : 11.14.1

Fixed version : 11.16.2

Do you have any recommendations on how to resolve this ? 

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Hi, it means that you need to provide the latest version of lmgrd and a new vendor daemon based on the latest version of FlexNet Publisher. You don't need to change anything in your application. I hope it helps.

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Could you provide steps for providing " the latest version of lmgrd and a new vendor daemon based on the latest version of FlexNet Publisher"

Hi, are you working for a company producing or using software based on FlexNet Publisher? If it is producing, then it is all your FlexNet Publisher SDK. If it is using, then you need to go back to the software publisher who sold you the software and they can provide you these files. I hope it helps.

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Hi ,

Can you Please provide the steps to upgrade . I downloaded the following packages :


Let me know what are the steps to follow .is there any documentation provided?

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@dineshnaidu , in the FNP product documentation there  are detailed chapters which talk about the upgradation of lmgrd, vendor daemon and client libraries. A keyword search for "upgrading" should list all the details that you are looking for.

For your reference, i am attaching the product documentation library for your further assistance in this regards.

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