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FlexNet Publisher and Aircards

Are there any known issues with FlexNet Publisher (prior to 11.9) and aircards (USB modem provided by Verizon, the device is a Pantech UM175)?

We are experience an application lockup when an aircard is connected to the system and it is attempting to validate an application license. The lockup does not occur with FlexNet Publisher 11.9+.

We suspect there is a problem with querying the MAC address of the aircard in early versions of FlexNet Publisher...
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Level 6

lc_new_job(0, NULL, &(m_pFlexNetState->m_code), &(m_pFlexNetState->m_job));

int num_ids = 2;

lc_init_simple_composite(job, hostid_list, num_ids); //fails here in 11.7 but not in 11.9.1
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Level 6

I was told this issue is related to a resolved issue made in FlexNet Publisher 11.9. I was directed to the release notes for 11.9. Here is the exert:

VPN Issue with lmhostid and lc_checkout

A FlexEnabled license client hangs while doing a checkout under the following conditions:
1. The client is running on Windows Vista or Windows 7
2. The client is built with FlexNet Publisher IPv4 toolkit
3. The client machine has at least one virtual Ethernet adapter such as PPP (typically installed by 3G
card or VPN)
This issue arose when the virtual adapter did not contain a valid MAC address; it has been resolved by
skipping over such Ethernet adapters during the hostid processing. (IOC-000083713 and IOA-
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