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FlexNet Publisher API Help!

We are having a struggle between managing two separate license managers. On our product side we utilize FlexNet in a "True/False" architecture, however with a new 3rd party product we are integrating which has it's own license manager we need to somehow manage concurrent usage.

With the 3rd Party product there is an API call we can make to request "available licenses". I need to find out if there is a similar API function within FlexNet Publisher. That way we can sum the available licenses and determine if we can allow the product to check out a license.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
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If by 'available licenses' you mean the number of keys that have not been checked out yet, they you should look at the doc for the LM_A_VD_FEATURE_INFO attribute. This will tell you how many keys are on the server and how many are in use. Then you do the math to figure out how many are available.
This isn't as straight forward as it seems. This is the type of data that is out of date as soon as you get it since a key may get checked out immediately after you make the call. You also have to take into account the possibility of multiple feature lines for the same feature, multiple license servers, and uncounted licenses.

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