Flexera beginner

FLEXnet error: (-15,10)

Starting local server: starccm+ -server -rsh ssh
Serial process 3392

STAR-CCM+ 13.06.012 (win64/intel16.3-r8)
License build date: 02 February 2017
This version of the code requires license version 2018.10 or greater.
Licensing problem: Unable to find a path to any license file or license server. Please create the CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable and point it to the license server.
FLEXnet error: (-15,10)

I have problem.I used to STAR-CCM+13.06.012-R8 Win64.How can i solve the problem?

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Hi @brianpauler 

The environment variable set already? if not, you must have the CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable set and point at the correct server, including the server's details. set port@servername or port@ip.ip.ip.ip and update the result. 

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