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FLEXnet config with dual NIcs?


I'm running a CAD application that has a license tied to a MAC address on a NIC that I use solely as a hardware dongle. Now that I rebuilt my CAD station, the installation procedure for the license manager FLEXnet insists on demanding a license for the ethernet-connected NIC rather than the "dongle".
I could of course remove the NIC that is connected to the network and use the "dongle" NIC for that instead, or I could ask for a new license file referring to my network NIC (I'm not sure they allow that), or I could probably find a crack for bloody license manager to be done with it - but I would highly prefer to get it to work properly as it is intended instead. Is there some way I can assign which NIC is "primary" and which is "secondary" in Windows 2000? Because it seems as if the blasted license manager just takes a quick gander at the PCI bus and settles for the first thing it sees.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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"FLEXnet insists on demanding a license for the Ethernet-connected NIC rather than the "dongle"." - Can you elaborate? What's the observation - error? Message box? Any error code?

It looks like your Ethernet cable has taken a priority over the dongle NIC, hence when Flexlm code does an IP tagging, it finds the IP of Ethernet first and NIC later - Found first will be treated as the IP address of device (Networking). I believe your license is bound with NIC IP address, which doesn't take precedence over the Ethernet one.

You can play with the priority of adapter(s) or manage who gets taken first by managing the "Automatic Metric" and prioritize the dongle NIC. I doubt if it has anything to do with the FlexLM.

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