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End of Support for Windows 7 - Client / Server Components?


We plan to inform our customers about the announced end of FlexNet Publisher support for Windows 7 from July 14, 2020. The Notifications states the following: "After this date, Flexera will no longer provide support, issue fixes, or security updates for FlexNet Publisher components running on the Windows 7 platform."

1. What "components" are meant in the above statement? Only the server-side components (i.e. licensing server - lmadmin, vendor daemon), or also the client-side components included in our FlexNet enabled applications (i.e. through the FlexNet client licensing library)? 

More exactly, in case we have clients which want to continue using Windows 7 (i.e. through ESU patches), is it OK if they only update the server to Windows 10 (or Linux), and continue to use our application on Windows 7 machines with the older Flexera libraries included in our current applications

2. This post from Feb 19 2020 came to my attention too. It states:

"FNP will continue supporting Windows 7 & windows 7 SP1 with the applied ESU patches. (Year 2020 and on)"

Does this mean that the original statement for end of support was amended to cover the year 2020 and on, as long as Microsoft will support Windows 7 through the ESU program?

Please advise.

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@puterity , kindly be advised that the earlier announcement for dropping the support for WIndows 7 was taken in the event of no ESU notification from Microsoft.


However, post Microsoft's notification on continuing support for Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1 with ESU patches, FNP will continue supporting them as it was in previous version of toolkit (at least for next 3 years, till when the ESU lasts).

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Thankfully they are giving free upgrades to every window 7 users to the latest version of windows. Hopefully, users will upgrade. For me, Windows 7 is the best OS from Microsoft to date.

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