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I have issue with FlexNet Publisher installation. I'm getting ERROR_UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION in Administration System Informtion. It is Window 10 installation and Flexnet publisher is


Reinstallation didn't solve problem. 


System is used to license Schneider Electric Ecostruxure Building Operation

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Revenera Moderator

Hi @PiotrJakubczyk Can you please share the logs under FNP lmadmin installation location /logs ? 

Also, the lmadmin was installed with administrator permission? and What is the JRE or JDK used? 

Best Regards, 

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Hello @mrathinam 

failed to retrieve TPM attributes.pngReason for problem was not EN version of Windows 10 pro. It was Polish version of OS. Installed under EN version and looks ok except for other error

TPM Host Id:

failed to retrieve TPM attributes

Workaround is probably to enable it in BIOS? 

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Hi @PiotrJakubczyk Thanks for the test, yes, enable it in BIOS or need to install any of the supported versions? 


Best Regards,

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