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Does Flexlm licensing support docker based setup?

We are looking to use our software on a docker based setup. Is this  supported by FlexLM licensing?

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Flexera Alumni

@jbforster , officially FNP toolkit based licensing doesn't support the docker/container setup for licensing solutions.

Having said that, we have it at good authority that the licensing solution in field is already being used on such a setup with ease. FNP engineering is actively looking into bringing this under subscribed list of supported setup (may be in future releases).

The real challenge with docket based OS is to find a unique identity to which licensing rights can be node locked. 

So, for now we officially don't support it. Bt, it should work and if you are facing any issues with that, we will be happy to assist with your further concerns.

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Thank you. We will give it a try anyway.

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Did you please find a solution to support licensing usage docker container please ?,

I have a windows10 docker container and I couldn't find any working solutions although I've tried some work arounds.


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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @sofdagh  ,

Our official stand is still the same , we officially do not support docker yet but have many of our users already using FNP on docker so please go ahead and use it and raise a case if you face any issues. We will try our best to resolve it.

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We've had a problem when running our software in Docker because (IIRC) containers reuse the hostname of the host OS so by default  they were all sharing a single license. We addressed this by using vendor string grouping with the vendor string  being basically the standard host ID (ethernet address) which are different for docker instances. However, this brought problems with borrowing because borrowing with vendor string is not officially supported, so we disable this when borrowing.

So, in summary: doable, but you may need to customize your checkout code somewhat.

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I have a windows10 docker container and I'd like to be able to use licensing inside it. 

(No need to mention that I've searched a lot and I've tried out some work arounds to make this work but without any success yet). I always receive this error inside the container :

[License Error: FlexLicensingError:35 // 35] 

[MTLS_1.3.0.0] Error during check: cannot acquire license

According to documetation the error means : FLC_MS_CODE_VIRTUAL_CLIENTS_NOT_SUPPORTED

Could you please elaborate a bit how did you manage to fix this ?


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