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Distributing Flexnet publisher Flexenabled application

Hi I am wondering which libraries and which files we will give to our client?

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Hi @UmarIqbal-RS  ,

Kindly refer to section "Distributing the FlexEnabled Application for License File–Based Licensing" from the development environment guide  to get the list of components to be distributed.


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Level 3


I have referred it can you please confirm these are the libraries and files we will distribute for a Linux based system.

1)Licensing client libraries:
liblmgr_trl.a or liblmgr_pic_trl.a
libcrvs.a or libcrvs_pic.a
libsb.a or libsb_pic.a
activation/lib/libnoact.a or activation/lib/libnoact_pic.a
Either liblmgr_dongle.a or liblmgr_dongle_stub.a 


3) vendor daemon

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You do not deliver any of those client libraries (or any .a file) to customers.  Those are only used when building your application.

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