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Details about Denials in Debug logs

Friends, A typical license denied appears as follows in the Debug logs. DENIED: "Maximo-Trans" jsr@BLL008128 [#u#jsr#u#] (6 licenses) (Licensed number of users already reached. (-4,342)) The error message contains a pair of code -4 and 342. What all internal codes, like 342, can be associated with the denial error code, -4? What is the use-case for each of them?
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The first error number is a positive or negative integer that identifies the error. In this case, -4 means the "Licensed number of users already reached." as documented in either the License Administration Guide or the C/C++ Functional Reference Guide.

The second error number is a positive integer. These numbers are unique error identifiers and are used by the software publisher for more advanced support assistance, so their meaning is not known or documented by Flexera, but instead the producer of the software.

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Dear Pankaj,

The error codes are categorized in 3 categories

Major : -4 here

Minor : 342 here AND

Sub-Minor : <Not available here>

You can always navigate to lmclient.h file (shipped under machind directory of default FNP toolkit) to see the details about these major error codes. For ex: -4 stands for MAXUSER

The minor error code, are the location based identifiers from the FNP product source code perspective. It helps to analyse the exact point of error code generation (as same error can be thrown in multiple scenarios, upgrade, borrow ...).

I am afraid that the information about what internal codes might be associated with -4 (major error code) might not be shared without an approval from product management team. So, i would request you to open a Salesforce ticket in the same regards and we can take it from there.

Hope it helps.

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How can I raise the Salesforce ticket?
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When you login to the Community portal, on top (in the middle of the page) you can see the options as "Get Support" drop down - in that select the option to "Open a new case".
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