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Dameon with differents versions of FlexNet

Hello from France,

my question is quite simple : is it possible to run simultaneously on the same machine 2 "daemons" with the same name (same Vendor Name) but not built with the same version of FlexNet ?

I have already tried using 2 directories LIC1 and LIC2 with in it, lmtools.exe, lmgrd.exe and our daemon.
But if i start the license server from LIC1, i cannot start it from LC2.
And i got these messages in log :

18:33:39 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ...
18:33:39 (lmgrd) Started SameVendorName (pid 7264)
18:33:39 (SameVendorName) FlexNet Licensing version v11.16.3.0 build 246844 x64_n6
18:33:40 (SameVendorName) cannot create semaphore lock (Global\LM_apicsysd_SEMAPHORE): 5
18:33:40 (SameVendorName) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 32 Exit reason 9
18:33:45 (lmgrd) SameVendorName exited with status 32 (Exited because another server was running)
18:33:45 (lmgrd) MULTIPLE "SameVendorName" license server systems running.
8:33:45 (lmgrd) Using Task Manager, stop SameVendorName and run lmreread

Thank you in advance.

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Flexera aparashar1

Re: Dameon with differents versions of FlexNet

This is a behavioral limitation that at any given point of time, only 1 instance of a particular vendor daemon can be served on particular server host.

I am afraid daemon with different version of FNP will not work.

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