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Could't use a borrowed license

Hi together,

we plan to use floating / borrowing as a new license option in the near future.

I installed a floating server on a local VMWare, created a license model with borrowing (value 4380 = 1 year) and consumed it succesful (lmborrow -status shows the feature) with lmborrow.
While the VMWare is on i cloud start the software but if the VMWare is down the software says "there is no license".
After some research i found the parameter INCLUDE_BORROW and set it in the .OPT-File for the Vendor but the result is the same.
The Registry also shows to new keys after the feature/license is borrowed.

What is wrong? We use a registry key to link the license storages (first local; then floating server). Is it nessary to point to the "borrowing key" and if yes how could i do that.

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Flexera Alumni

Hi Bastian,

My confusion here is whether the attempt is to do activation borrow or normal certificate side borrow? Reason of confusion is that, a duration of value 4380 = 1 year, such a long value can't be given for certificate borrow. So it must be an activation borrow. But, for activation borrow no registry entry is created.

By any means have you been doing an activation borrow of a feature and normal borrow of another and both?

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