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BORROW license does not work

The BORROW license function did not work with FNP

Using the command  lmborrow {vendor|all} enddate [time] did not trigger the license borrow

1. The license log shows nothing change

2. Disconnect the client after the borrow operation caused a license check failed as no license was borrow from the server.

The license file contains the BORROW keyword.  This had worked before.  

1. How do I troubleshoot this?



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Hello, The BORROW would only occur after you perform a checkout. lmborrow itself will not trigger the borrow, it only sets a flag that you want to borrow when you checkout a license. Are you saying that the checkout is not triggering the borrow?

correct - a license checkout does not borrow license.  

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I would recommend raising a support case with support for this, it sounds like a bug if it is not working the way we would expect.
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