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Flexera beginner

Assign a complete license bundle to a user

Hello All,

I am trying to manage which users in our company are allowed to use which bundles.
In our license file I am pointing to an options file where I state which license a users is allowed to use.

RESERVE 1 NX13100N_gateway USER RBR011

The logfile from FlexLM is showing me that the license is granted

11:20:40 (ugslmd) Rereading options file...

11:20:40 (ugslmd) RESERVING 1 NX13100N_gateway/070D C9E4 51FB AEA6 license for USER RBR011

11:20:40 (ugslmd) Client Authentication Initiated...

However, when I start an NX session, the bundle is not assigned to this user.
When I look with the License Options tool on the users client, no bundle is selected.

Any Idea's ?

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Flexera aparashar1

Re: Assign a complete license bundle to a user

Hi @nutace , can you share the sample license file and the lmstat observation (from where you have confirmed), stating that no bundle has been assigned to the customer?

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Flexera beginner

Re: Assign a complete license bundle to a user

Hi Aparashar,

I have attached the  screenshot of the bundle selector.
If you can give me you re-mail I will send you the license file example.

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