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Amazon EC2

What would be the best type of license to run on an Amazon EC2 (AWS) CentOS 7 instance?  Just bind it to the VM_UUID or ETHER and I should be good, right?  Any limitation by logging to a text file on lmgrd startup?


Edit:  Flexnet 11.13.2 is being used currently.  Working on compiling with VM_UUID support.

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Flexera Alumni

@gabriel_meyer , the approach should be fine. No, there is no known limitation around logging the server log to a text file.

For more info, there is a section detailing about multiple hostid parameters for Amazon instance in 'License administrator Guide', Chapter-16 "Licensing in a Cloud-Computing Environment".

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I actually went out and got a Raspberry Pi 4 with a ARM64 quad core.  I'll just set it up on that.  I discovered that most router ARM is only 32bit and the Flex toolkit doesn't support ARM 32.bit.

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I found out that the VM_UUID and ETHER will always change in a dynamic EC2 instance.  The best bet is to bind to the AMZN_EIP in my case.  I'm waiting on support to figure out my current keys don't support the hostid type for EIP on the SERVER line - I told them this to begin with.  I told them to refer to a previous case to see what is needed.
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